How to submit images:

Please submit a full body and a close up of your pet's face. Images should show the eyes of your pet clearly. Ideally we would love to see 3-5 photos. Please share an instagram handle if your pet has one :)

Sizing guide

We currently offer three different sizes to choose from, we selected some of the most common sizes but still giving you options to choose from.

8.5 x 11 in | Standard letter size - you can also print this size at home.

11 x 14 in | Medium print size - this is the most common size option if you can’t decide which one to pick.

18 x 24 in | Large print size - the largest size and best quality print that we offer.

Digital version - comes in the largest size 18 x 24 which can be scaled down to smaller size print without losing the quality. This version is also great to have a digital copy to share with friends and family.